Your support is so very welcome for the children.

For € 5, € 10, € 15, of € 25 a month you contribute to the foundation and the continuation of playing and learning of the children of Mambo.

Your money goes directly to AllKidsShouldPlay and is completely spent on payments for the children and trainers, materials for games and teaching and on the activities and infrastructure in the village. Gijs has taken care of his income in a different way and he himself contributes € 10.000 a year to the activities.

You can also contribute to a child’s education. An education at a good secondary school costs € 600, that is € 50 a month. And there is no rake off at all, nothing is wasted. The whole amount is directly spent on the education and accommodation expenses and a bit on travel expenses, because good schools are often at a large distance. In this way the student can completely focus on his education. At home in the village not only the schools but also the conditions in which homework must be done are poor.

With a fixed amount a month we can assure young people of a good future. Will you support us? The tax department recognizes our foundation as an ANBI (Organization with general benefit goals), which means that your contributions are tax deductible.

You can transfer your contribution to our bank account:
IBAN: NL44 INGB 0009 0496 19 in the name of AllKidsShouldPlay

For your comfort and our certainty, it is convenient to arrange your contribution with your bank as a fixed returning credit transfer.