Performance in Madala

Last weekend a group of young people from the circus gave a performance in Madala, a town 15 kilometers from Mambo. The performance was a great success. Both the young people and the public enjoyed it.

Physical fitness in Mambo

In March, a group of young people from the village, the so-called loitering, started a sports group. Three times a week in the early morning they come together for acrobatics, football, basketball, cycling and volleyball. The intention is that several clubs will emerge and in the end specialize.

Gift from bazar Open Hof

The Open Hof, a church in Maarssen (Netherlands) organizes a bazar every year. In general 50% of the revenues goes to the church and 50% to charities. The AllKidsShouldPlay foundation was nominated this year as one of the goals. After the bazar ended on Saturday 23 March, treasurer Bouwe Hofstee received a check for € 1,850. This amount will be spent on the construction of a private space for the foundation in Mambo. Thank you Open Hof!!

Cycling lessons

The children learn to cycle better and better and have already completed decent journeys. There will be a mechanic to familiarize children who are interested in the technique of a bicycle. If there is interest from the children, an attempt is made to develop a bicycle repair training.

School exams

All children who are connected to the circus and have passed exam 7 standard (end of primary school) have passed. They continue to Form 1 at the Sekundari School. They can also take a crash course in English via Duolingo so that they have some extra knowledge of this language. This can help them with their further education at the Sekundari School.

500 attendees at the performance in Kamule

On October 20th, 35 children have done their biggest performance so far in Kalumele high school. At least 500 people witnessed how the children in almost 30 minutes tried to show as much of their expertise as possible. The applause was there, an inviting cap was visited by many people to make some money. The children themselves were visibly nervous and sang less exuberantly than normal. Afterwards, all children were given a meal prepared by the school.

Invitation for a performance

The circus is invited to give a performance at the graduation at the Kalumele Sekundari school in Kalumele on 20 October 2018. 35 children traveled to Kalumele with a truck full of equipment.