In the beginning of 2013 Gijs de Wit started a Children’s Circus in Mambo, LushotoUsumbare Mountains in Tanzania.in cooperation with the owners of Mambo Viewpoint, a lodge. In the course of the years the activities and time that Gijs spent there, expanded. In order to be able to keep growing the organization was transferred to the Tanzanian NGO Makinmi in 2018. This made possible a new step to independence and durability. In Holland All Kids Should play was founded as a supporting foundation. In Mambo the children have gradually taken over the organization and Gijs is more and more functioning as a coach/supervisor of the children. From Makini quite regularly come trainers from Dar es Salaam These are former street kids, who have by now been able to develop their talents. Both the older circus kids in Mambo and these Makini trainers are new role models for all the children.