ANBI The AllKidsShouldPlay Foundation is recognized as a cultural ANBI (Organization with general benefit goals) by the tax department.

Because of this you can support the AllKidsShouldPlay Foundation as a private person or through your own company with favourable fiscal conditions: your gifts and( periodical) donations are deductable from income tax and/or corporate tax. On account of this ANBI-status we publish the following data on our site.

General Information

Name: AllKidsShouldPlay Foundation Netherlands
Public name: AllKidsShouldPlay (AKSP)
Address: Marokkostraat 60, 2408 JH Alphen aan den Rijn
Chamber of Commerce number: 72590645
RSIN-number: 859165383




Objectives according to the statute: The foundations aims at promoting the development of young people in Tanzania in particular – though not exclusively – in the field of language, social skills, independence, self-confidence and creativity and anything related to the fore mentioned or beneficial to it.