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Mambo Maonyesho Mazuri – Wote Watoto Wacheze 

Mambo Fine Performance – All Children Play

Child circus in Mambo, Tanzania

In Mambo, a village in the Umsambara Mountains in Northern Tanzania, children and teenagers have formed a circus with which they give performances. With their newly discovered talents, they organize and choreograph their own shows. They have also started all kinds of new activities such as sports and games, music and dance. Both boys and girls play soccer and ride bicycles, they learn English and bookkeeping. The elder children play with very young children and read them stories. In this way providing them with a better start at primary school.

Prospect of a better life

All these activities provide for alternatives for child marriages and prevent children from departing to the city without any property, most likely ending up living in the streets. Children develop self-confidence and discover their talents. They get motivated to return to their school education and some have even started graduate school.

The children are guided by Gijs, a Dutch sports coach and facilitator of touring musical bands. The other adult coaches are Tanzanian and have a background in teaching and social works. The children take over responsibilities more and more, leaving the supervisors in a more facilitating, supporting role.

Sustainable continuation
In order to be able to continue these activities, that started in 2013, money is needed. That is why we ask you to become a sponsor or donor. Of course we will provide you with news and keep you informed on the expenditures. All money is directly sent to Mambo and will be fully spent on the children’s activities. We will show you by pictures, stories and an annual financial report.